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Facility Management Master Craft Diploma (FMMC)

The Facility Management Master Craft (FMMC) Diploma Program is a professional training and interactive learning process, which is aimed at equipping practicing and professional Facility Managers with up-to-date industry knowledge, technical skills, tools, and templates.

This program is designed to ensure that participants possess all the requirements to guarantee exceptionally good FM jobs and contracts after going through the program


Physical Classes:

10:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturdays.

Virtual Classes:

5:00pm- 7pm, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


April 10 -12 August 2023

Virtual Training

Participants will join via zoom video telepresence from anywhere in the world


Registration Fee: ₦7,500

Full Payment: ₦350,000


Account Name: MAX-MIGOLD LTD

Account No. 0210372989

Guaranty Trust Bank Limited

Physical Training

Max-Migold Training Center at HRDC Building, University of Lagos Main Campus, Yaba, Lagos


Registration Fee: ₦7,500

Full Payment: ₦450,000


Account Name: MAX-MIGOLD LTD

Account No. 0210372989

Guaranty Trust Bank Limited



Does This Sound Like You?

You want to know the industry skills required to succeed in Facility Management

You want to start your own profitable and successful FM business and need the blueprint.
You want to get a nationally acclaimed certification from Max-Migold Training Centre accredited by Oil and Gas Training Association OGTAN
You want to make a transition from your prior field of study and experience into the Facility Management career
You need guidance and support in pursuing your dreams to reach your highest potential
You already manage a property but have little to no background in Facility Management

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from the best in Facility Management Education in Nigeria

Here’s What You Will Learn in 3 Months


1. FM Foundations

2. FM Career Course

3. Business Case Presentation

01 – 03

4. Human Resources


5. Strategic Facility Planning

6. FM Contract

04 – 06

7. Customer Service

8. Financial Management 1

9. Quality Management 1

07 – 09

10. Performance Management

11. Facility Maintenance Strategies

12. Maintenance Records

10 – 12

13. Regulatory Requirement and Building Codes

14. Asset Management

15. Maintenance Planning Records

13 – 15

16. Regulatory Requirement and building codes

17. Space Planning and Move Management

18. Facility Condition Assessment

16 – 18

19. Air Conditioning Maintenance

20. Sustainability and Energy Management

21. Air Conditioning Field Trip

19 – 21

22. Plumbing Maintenance

23. Cleaning and Hygiene Services

24. Plumbing Field Trip

22 – 24

25. Project Management

26. Building Electricals and Maintenance

27. Building Electricals Maintenance Field Trip

25 – 27

28. Building Fabric and Structure Maintenance

29. Fire System Maintenance

30. FM Technology

28 – 30

31. Health and Safety Management

32. Workplace Hospitality and Occupants Services

33. Starting and Growing An FM Business

31 – 33

34. Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

35. Workplace Productivity

34 – 35

At the end of this training, you will…

Gain in-depth knowledge of Facility Management

Advance your career in the fast growing Facility Management industry

Start your own profitable and successful FM business

Get a nationally acclaimed certification from Max-Migold Training Centre accredited by Oil and Gas Training Association OGTAN

Here’s What Past Students Said

Benefits Of This Program..


Nationally acclaimed certification from Max-Migold Training Centre accredited by Oil & Gas Training Association (OGTAN)


A 6-month internship program where you learn and develop your projects on the job

Field Inspection

Participants have a firsthand experience in Facility Management to simulate their learning


Available to those who have applied to the program and paid the application fee

(Top 10 best candidates)

You Are Eligible for This Course If You Are:

A Professional

You must have worked in people-facing and management roles in any industry.


University and Polytechnic Graduates from Engineering, Sciences, Environmental, Social Sciences, Architecture, Building, Business, Survey, Estates and Education.

Other Degree (s)

University graduates from any other discipline with years of experience working in the built environment in any capacity.


OND or School Leavers from any discipline with work experience in the built environment as a Receptionist, Foreman, Admin, Clerk, Maintenance, Supervisor, etc.

Full Program Package

Virtual Training


Non-Refundable Application Fee


Physical Training


Non-Refundable Application Fee


Paul O. Erubami


Meet Your Facilitator

Paul Erubami is currently the CEO of Max-Migold Ltd, a specialist facility management company providing management, technology, value-added and cost reduction solutions to the property and facility management industry including FM software and BIM, recruitment, training, audits, assets and energy management.

Paul has been responsible for business development and strategic leadership supported by an advisory board of business leaders from several niche sectors.

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Max-Migold partners with IFMA Nigeria, Greater Accra and other organisations across the continent in the provision of local FM training offerings while also running a comprehensive FM Mastercraft Program that delivers internship placements as part of the package.

We also have strategic partnerships with technology solutions providers across Europe, USA and Asia. Paul is a certified facility manager of both the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) and the Institute of Workplace and Facility Management (IWFM).

He teaches the Essentials of Facility Management (EoFM), Facility Management Professional (FMP), Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) and the Certified Facility Manager (CFM) with FM Learning System (FMLS) programs for IFMA. He is also on the teaching faculty of the University of Lagos, Nigeria Masters in Facility Management program.

Paul is an experienced business development manager, industrial and business process engineer, real estates and property manager with over 20 years’ experience in setting up and growing companies, working in strategy implementation, operations systems and processes deployment and change management for oil and gas, telecoms and corporate real estates.

He is a graduate of architecture, have a postgraduate diploma in Economics as well as an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management from The University of Nottingham, United Kingdom and currently working on a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree in Entrepreneurship at Walden University, USA.

He managed some of the largest FM portfolios in Nigeria and also worked abroad for a few years including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Shell Nigeria IFM Project, Schlumberger NTC Camp, Nokia Solutions and Network Africa Hub, Halliburton Ghana among others.

Which Training Do You Want To Pay For?

Virtual Training Full Payment (FMMC) – ₦350,000

Virtual Training 50% Down Payment (FMMC) – ₦175,000

Physical Training Full Payment (FMMC) – ₦450,00

Physical Training 50% Payment (FMMC) – ₦225,000


Full payment for a 10% discount for one person

Full payment for a 20% discount for 5 or more

Full payment for a 50% discount for 10 or more

Six months payment plan at N80k physical and N60k virtual per month (T&C applies)

12 months payment plan at N45k physical and N35k virtual (T&C applies)

About Max-Migold

Max-Migold Ltd is a physical facilities management, training, inspection, and technology advisory firm.

We work with multi-national clients, as well as Nigerian organizations seeking to optimize costs, achieve sustainability, and develop their human capital in the facilities management sector.

We provide practical, results-oriented advisory services that translate into immediate ROI for clients.

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